Rolling Drum Ball Cylinder Rattle Toy

  • MADE FROM NATURAL WOOD. The Ball Cylinder is a wooden infant roller toy made from natural material - solid wood, unpainted on the exterior.
  • ENCOURAGES BABIES TO CRAWL. This wooden rolling wheel encourages gross motor movement in babies who are ready to crawl while the colorful balls and soft jingling sounds keep your baby engaged.
  • PERFECT FOR A BABY'S HANDS. The size of the rods in our wooden rattling roller is perfect for a baby's hands to grab and explore.
  • SAFE. Babies put everything in their mouths that's why the exterior of the ball cylinder is unfinished and the balls are painted with non-toxic paint. Wood is generally safer for the mouth.
  • Recommended by Montessori style of education and designed to encourage your kid to explore and discover independently.