Moon Lamp Diffuser Night Light

Emitting Color

Moon Lamp Night light humidifier and diffuser. Help them through the darkness with a night light feature. The warm light reflecting through the image of the moon is calming and tranquile while they sleep. 

The lamp features a calming moon reflection with a continuous humidifier mist functions (selectable timer). Auto shut off feature protects humidifier from running when out of water. Quiet enough to not be disturbing while sleeping but gentle enough to provide a suitable white noise. 

Features: charger
2.power bank
3.laptop USB port

Included in Package: 
2.USB cable*1
4, fliter *2

Please pull out the sponge stick first when you start to use it, and put it back in place after the sponge absorbs all water before it can be used normally!
The product is not waterproof. Do not turn Diffuser on its side during use, if turned sideways damage and electrical shock can occur.
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